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My husband and I hired David Childers, a self-purported virtual landscape designer to design plans for a large scale exterior landscaping and pool installation project for our residence. When I checked whether or not he had a valid landscape architect license (as he claims on his website), I learned before our first meeting that his license was not renewed in 2008 by the State of Georgia. He promised me in writing that is was a minor issue with the State recognizing his continuing education credits, and that he would get it straightened out.

David Childers stayed at our home for 11 hours during his initial visit. He bills at a rate of $70.00 per hour so we were out $770.00 before he even touched his computer to start designing. Two weeks later, the bill was up to $2,300 and we didn't have anywhere near a finished plan. David Childers worked at a pace that was unacceptable. He complained to another professional on the project that he "had not been paid a dime" by us and that he suspected we wouldn't pay him and they should be worried about the same. He advertises the ability to produce a complete landscape plan for $700-1000 on his web site. This is a total joke. He is a one-man shop and clearly milks clients for every second of his time that he can bill them. I had to ask two weeks into the project where we stood on hours (he never voluntarily gave me an update) and that is when I learned that my bill had skyrocketed to $2,300+ dollars. He billed me to calls to the county in which I live asking county officials if a landscape architect's license was required for him to design plans for our house. I explained to David Childers in writing that a license was my personal requirement, I didn't care if the county required it.

Bottom line is that I am out $2,300 and I have nothing more than a minimal, unfinished landscape plan to show for it.

David Childers and his one-man company, Signature Landscsapes should be ashamed.

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